Wednesday, April 11, 2007


As you probably know, we went to Frankenmuth for a few days last week for Spring break. Or I think I should call it WINTER break due to the snow we encountered and if you're looking outside - STILL encountering today!!! One of the stores we went to was Bronners - the Christmas store. Shaelyn thought it was a pretty neat store with all the Santas and baby Jesus' around. We also did a little shopping at the Birch Run outlet stores. On Friday, we went to Zehnders for chicken supper. It was really good although I think the prices have gone up tremendously. I don't think we'll be taking the whole family there again for a LONG time. It was a nice little get away for a few days, until we had to come home during some snow. But oh well, it was probably easier for us to return than the people who came back from Florida!

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Laura said...

I'm jealous - I've always wanted to go there!