Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Winter Dance

Here are pictures of Katelyn and Chelsea for winter dance last Saturday. Sorry about the incorrect order. Here is Katelyn with her friends - April, Jenny and Erin. Katelyn chose to wear pants because it is something she can use for work.
Next is Chelsea with her friend - Kristie. This was her first dance so it was kind of exciting. She even danced with a couple of guys! Both of the girls really had a lot of fun.

Here is Chelsea getting her hair done by our professional hair stylist. She always does a great job and the girls really appreciated it. I think their hair turned out beautiful!


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

They all look great- it's nice to have professionals in the family isn't it??

Laura said...

We'll see how much of a professional you all think I am when I offer to cut or dye your hair! Then we'll see who volunteers! He he he..

Anonymous said...

mom, you forgot the pictures of me nick! not everyone has seen him yet, others may want to know what he looked like in the smashing pink shirt and tie he wore for me!