Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Funeral

Just wondering how many of you watched the funeral of President Ford yesterday. Unfortunately, I had to be gone for a while in the afternoon - so I did tape some of it. I really didn't think I would be that interested in it but I was. I thought it was a really beautiful service - especially the eulogy from Jimmy Carter. I've really learned a lot about this family through the past week and have gained more respect for them. Watching the cannons shoot and the flyover was incredible. I wish I had gone down there and waited in line like so many others. Everyone said that it was worth the wait and the family really appreciated all the people that came out. This was just some of my thoughts on it. Anybody else have any moments that really touched them?


Laura said...

Like Aunt Cheri said - I was nearly beside myself when Mrs. Ford kissed the flag after they gave it to her. I didn't know them and I wasn't even around when he was President (I think). So I see it more like "that's her husband, that's their dad." And it just makes me so sad because I hate seeing people lose their loves ones, even when they are very old. I especially always feel bad for President's wives though because they get put on the TV every few seconds, they have to travel everywhere and put on a good front, plus they're older also. They have to be so tired by the end of it all.

Anonymous said...

I was crying early when I saw Steven crying. The cannons and planes flying over were also tearjerkers, but what got me most was when Mrs Ford kissed the flag. The whole day was really nice - I was really impressed with the kids. Diane could see a lot of this from work (Varnum building) and she said seeing all the people was incredible and made her proud of GR. She couldn't get out of work till about 6:30. On another note - we saw the planes fly over our house on the way to the funeral and on the way back. They were flying in formation so they were a great sight to see. Andy was thrilled! Mari