Thursday, December 14, 2006

She's special

Shaelyn was chosen to be special person of the week for this week. Wow, what a big deal. She needed to cut out her favorite foods and glue them onto a plate. Then she had to have pictures of her family and pets. Well needless to say, we didn't have a family picture so I quick snapped one of us all Sunday night before we went to church. Then Monday morning I took some of the cats and Lexi. I had to go get them developed and of course there was a line. For my few pictures it would be and hour and a half wait because people had orders of over 100 before me. So I had to go back at night to pick them up. Then we had to find things that start with J because J was letter of the week and the "J" box needed to be filled. I had a felt "Joseph" and baby Jesus. For some reason she kept wanting to call them Moses. So I tossed out the Joseph and hoped she would remember "Jesus" She went to school quite excited this week with all her little goodies. She had fun so I guess it all was worth it.

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