Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas cookies

Cheri and I made Christmas cookies yesterday. We tried a few different recipes. Cheri wasn't real happy with the way they turned out but I thought they would be okay. We tried some that you tie into knots and then frost. They weren't the favorites but were okay. Then we were going to do stars that you connect 2 together to make 3 dimensional. Well, they broke when we tried to put them together but found out later that they would work if we let them totally cool down. They look pretty neat when assembled. Last, we made cutout cookies. She had found a different recipe. She was totally bummed when they came out of the oven because they were somewhat cakelike (soft) but when she decorated them later, she found out that they tasted fine. So at least we've got them done but I guess from now on we'll just go with the old tried and true recipes!


Laura said...

Yummmm.... they still look really good! I decided I didn't want to try making any because I would be the one eating them all and my pants already don't fit anymore!

Anonymous said...

welcome to married life! terri