Saturday, November 11, 2006


We've returned home from our day of shopping. What a lot of fun we had. We managed to hit a lot of stores. It was already busy. I think people are starting to shop earlier every year. (How dare they invade our time & space!) We had a nice extra guest share lunch with us. Later, we hit the Olive Garden for supper. Yummy! Then it started to rain. What a pain! Then there were the looks when we checked into the hotel. We loaded all of our packages onto the cart to make the two trips necessary to get them all in. It does get somewhat embarrassing. There was a lot of laughter when we were trying to get to sleep. And speaking of sleep - I didn't get much of it. Cheri was continually waking me up and harassing me all night long. I may have to take a nap this afternoon. In spite of all these problems, I'll be willing to go again next year with them!


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Cheri was continually waking you up because you sound like a foghorn in my ear!!!!
I'll go next year again, but I'm definitely bringing ear plugs.
We did have a great time- I love our shopping trip!

Laura said...

It was very nice of you to invite your special guest along. She had a lot of fun - besides being harassed about babies! :)