Thursday, July 10, 2008

Water - but this time it was for fun!

Shaelyn spent the night over at Halle's so this morning we met at the splash pad for some cooling off fun. We would have spent more time but 2 buses pulled up full of kids from a nearby school.(Why are some schools in session now, I ask!)
So that was pretty much the end of it but here's some of the fun they had!
At the end of the pictures I have posted the answers to my mosaic pictures
in case some of you are wondering what words I typed in. Make sure you check back tomorrow. I have a friday funny concerning this mosaic!

1 - terri
2 - chinese food
3 - unity christian
4 - green
5 - steven curtis chapman - I don't really have a crush on anyone but I admire him
6 - water
7 - australia
8 - death by chocolate
9 - mom
10- family
11-wonderful - this is kind of an inside joke for those who know me!
12-flickr terri - I didn't really know what to do so I just typed this in


philippine lottery said...
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Cherdecor said...

That splash pad sure looks like a lot of fun! I wish I had one in my back yard.

Cheri said...

It was fun while it lasted!
You are a bit of a liar though- I know who your celebrity crush is-
mjs ring a bell??

Mari said...

Oh brother, is my response to wonderful!

The Birds Nest said...

What a fun splash pad. I want to play in it!!

Laura said...

I took Devin and Abby to a sprinkler park like that one once but it wasn't free. They did have fun though!