Monday, February 18, 2008

Saturday - A Day of Some Fun and some Not-so-Fun

Saturday had a mixture of some fun things and some not fun things. Can any of you guess what happens when you do a load of wash and your sump pump decides to quit working? For those of you who answered - a basement room filled with water - You are CORRECT!!! I put a load of wash in the morning. Later, I went to move it to the dryer and I spot the carpet in my basement hallway - it's all wet. I go to the laundry room and see black, sludgy looking water all over. Dave had to work all morning and afternoon so I called him. He says it's the sump pump that probably quit. After calling our neighbor who's a plumber, we decide we can wait till today to fix it. The store where he gets his stuff is closed for Saturday. It ended up overflowing again during the night on Saturday. He forgot about our water softener. So now my basement has that horrid mildew like smell. We've been soaking up towels on the carpet and I'm burning candles to get rid of it. It is fixed now so tonight, we can finish ripping up the carpet in that room and clean the rest of it.

But the rest of Saturday was filled with fun. Do you see the pictures? We went bowling with my cousin and his family and Cheri's family. I do not know the last time that I went bowling but it really was fun. The kids had one lane and the adults had another. I had a few lucky throws, so I did better than I thought I would.
After the game, we headed to Mr. Burger for some supper. You can't beat a hamburger from there. Our day ended up on a better note than it started!

See, they actually do care about each other.

Here's all the younger ones together.


Mari said...

Oh no - that brings back our water problem. I feel your pain! The bowling looks fun too!

Bonnie said...

Oh man, that is a bummer !! I once flooded our basement the day before we left on vacation for three weeks ! I was rushing around to get everything done. I turned on the sink to wash up a couple of things and forgot about. The plug was in so it just keep overflowing !!! It was horrible ...

Hope you get it all fixed and get the mildew smell out !!

I don't know why, but for some reason, I wasn't able to see the photos ... But I saw some on Cheri's page the other day so I have a picture in my mind ! :)

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I'm glad your pump is fixed now. Good luck with the smell. That is such a nightmare.
Bowling was fun and Mr Burger was so yummy!

Cherdecor said...

What an awful thing to happen! I surely wish you good luck in getting that smell out.

I am glad that your bowling night was a lot of fun. You surely deserved a time out that day!

Laura said...

Oh man... what a bummer - you deserved a night of fun after that!

LeslieW. said...

That REALLY stink! I am so sorry.