Sunday, February 10, 2008

Do you See what I See?

Update: Katelyn just called me a few minutes ago to inform me that she made it back to the dorms. :) This was right as I was watching the news and seeing that they had just finished cleaning up a 40-50 car pileup on the highway by Cheri. It started as a 3 car accident and people continued to crash because they could not see due to blowing snow. Thank you God that she's back safely once more!

(Jennifer P.,here's thinking of you)
Do you see what I see? Same as me, basically nothing, (this is actually a time when it's a bit better) except blowing snow. I seriously cannot believe this weather. Church was not canceled for us this morning but we didn't go. Thankfully, this was the first Sunday in 5 weeks that I didn't have to teach or play, so I was happy. I would not have wanted to drive in this, this morning. You could not see anything. I just received an email that it is canceled for tonight. Good thing, we're just sitting by the fire. But, Katelyn has to get back to the dorms today. She's leaving this afternoon while there is still some daylight. Will this weather ever end? (I'm still not going to complain)


Anonymous said...

wow! i am the first to comment!

Cherdecor said...

Your weather is incredible! I bet it felt good to stay in and stay safe!

I hope that Katelyn gets back to her dorm safely this afternoon!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

It was nice to just stay home today and not have anywhere to go. I just made Sandra's Butter Pecan rolls (without the pecans)
they look so yummy.

Bonnie said...

All that snow ... it's just so amazing !!!

Mari said...

I hope Katelyn gets back okay. I worked and it was bad. We drove Heather in because the cook said she could drop her off at home. Even Bob said it was really bad out there, and no one should be out.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Wow- what amazing weather! Glad you stayed safely inside!!

kari & kijsa

Jennifer said...

wow, it's so amazing how different the weather can be on one continent.
We were just in Florida where it was in the 80's all week. Here it is chilly and windy, but not freezing. Maybe in the 50's? 60's? And there you are all in white, along with several other bloggy friends. Part of me is envious. I would like weather like that, just once a winter.

It smelled like the beginning of spring here today, and I thought, "I'm not ready - I haven't finished with winter yet!"

However... I AM quite finished with the sicknesses. Bleh.

Jennifer Partin said...

Oh my!

You should have seen me trying to drive home in what little snow we had! :)

I am glad that Katelyn was safe. I cannot imagine driving under those conditions!

Stay warm and indoors! Maybe it's time to head south for the winter?

Laura said...

It was so nasty out yesterday - and so, so, so cold. I couldn't believe there were any churches open! I'm glad to hear you were smart and stayed inside.

Mel's World said...

That is absolutely crazy...I look at the pics that you guys (my Michigan Buddies) keep putting up and I am blown away at the SHEER AMOUNT of snow that has fallen. You guys need a get away something fierce...Florida is really nice this time of year...pack your bags and get out of that snow!!! ;)