Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Nobody knows my sorrow!

Do you know the words to this spiritual song? Some days seem more like it than others. Here's my tale of woe -
Yesterday, Katelyn got her oil changed. While there, they check all the levels and tire pressure. We get home and hear this hissing sound. Sure enough, a little later, her tire is soft. Dave monkeyed around with the valve and filled it again but it was still leaking. So he puts her spare tire on to get her by. I'm told to go to the tire place today and get the leak fixed. So after picking up some things for Katelyn's open house and dropping Chelsea back to school after her orthodontic appt., I head to the tire place. The guy asks me what I need and I tell him I need this tire fixed. "Oh, I was hoping you were going to say your front tires. They look really bad", he says. Now I know that Dave had said before that I really need new tires so I tell him to find the cheapest ones and put them on. Meanwhile, I pull into the spot, get out and see green liquid where my van had been. CRAP!!! I'm not happy, my van is leaking antifreeze. So he comes back and asks if I know about this problem. I inform him that "yes" I spotted it. "You're not having a very good morning, are you?" NO!! So he fixes Katelyns tire for free - just a small leakage around the wheel well. $170 later, my van has new tires. Then he says he didn't want to tell me earlier but my back ones will need to be replaced after summer. Great!
I'm ready to head home and hear on the radio that gas is going up again - around$3.30 this afternoon. Do I risk heading to Costco to get gas? Yes! So I make it there and fill up. On the way home, I call Dave.
"what do you want me to do about all my problems? He tells me to take it to the mechanic after I pick Shaelyn up from school. Hopefully, maybe just the belt is loose. So I'm driving behind all these incompetent drivers who don't know how to go the speed limit. Dave's wondering who I'm talking to. I explain about all the idiots on the road. He tells me not to go to fast and overheat the engine. "I know, the lines right in the middle of cold and hot" but I am a bit concerned. So I get Shaelyn and head to the mechanic. He tells me it's something about the antifreeze compartment that's leaking and will need to get fixed. He filled it up to get me around town but I tell him I've got to go to Katelyn's college, Friday night and Saturday morning. He can fix it for me tomorrow and if it's not done, he's got a loaner van for me. Thank goodness! Now this will only cost me around $460. It's just a drop in the bucket - right? But what can you do. Dad came and picked us up. So now, I'm stuck home with no where to go but really, I have no $ to go anywhere either, now do I. I'm sure I'm not the only one with problems but sometimes life really stinks! Tell me your stories of woe so I don't feel so lonely down here. Misery loves company!


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

What...problems....I'm just sitting here with my feet up eating bon bons!!!!!
I do hate car problems- my problem is still sitting in my garage waiting to get fixed so it can get SOLD!!!!!!!

Laura said...

Well, I didn't have car problems, but I had a little bit of a rough afternoon. I had to get groceries, and it was hot and I was tired and hungry, and I tried to pack too much in a "baby" cart at Meijer, so right in the crosswalk of Meijer a bag of apples fell out and I drove over them with the cart and the bag ripped open and apples went everywhere and there were cars waiting for me. Then I got home and stuck my water bottle in by bag that I carry to work, which also had a certain Francine River's book in it that I'm borrowing, and somehow on the way into the house the water bottle lid opened and the whole bag filled with water, saturating everything inside. So now I'll have to apologize to the person whose book it is and I'm mad because I always take good care of things I borrow! My husband was not home yet, even though he started early, and it was almost 6:00 and I just wanted help with the whole trunk of groceries and my bag filled with water, and no one was there. So then I went in the bedroom and cried for a few minutes before I put groceries away and that seemed to help. :) But I think your day was worse - I hate car problem!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed a leak on my van, that we had fixed last fall. It's not as bad as yours but I do feel your pain! Cars can be a real trial - Mari