Monday, May 14, 2007

It's Tulip time

Chelsea got to march in the Tulip parade on Wednesday and Saturday. Not that she was that thrilled about doing it. The weather was great - although she thought it was hot with her uniform on. I told her that it could have been a lot worse. Last year it was really cold and rainy. I was going to get a picture but I was gone to Katelyn's college in the morning when she left and she had already changed her clothes when I picked her up. She got home around 5:30. She's been wanting to go to IHOP for supper so we went there after she got home. We also decided it was too nice of a night to go immediately home after shopping and so we had to get ice cream too. This works out great when Dave is working shows because then I only have to pay for 3!
I must say this weather has been perfect lately. I just got done mowing my lawn because I think it might rain and it's got to get it out of its system before Saturday when we have our open house! Pray for nice weather!!
Oh, mother's day was nice too. Dave fixed steaks and baked potatoes. The girls got me different types of lotions and a gift certificate for scrapbooking. I can always use those things. Hope all your mothers days were good too.

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Laura said...

Mmmmm.... IHOP. Yum. We'll be hoping for nice weather!