Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Can you guess?

Yesterday morning, I was listening to the radio while getting ready. One of the DJ's always does a segment called, "where does it come from". He will come up with a word and tell you its background. The story yesterday was that when the settlers came over, they were amazed by an animal that could get bit by a rattlesnake and not be affected. They also said that the meat from this animal was a tender delicacy. Also, their fur was so soft that the women would use it in the bathtub. Can anybody give a guess as to what this was? The name comes from the Indian word for this.....

POSSUM - this was especially for you Laura. Maybe you would like to take your possum skin into the tub with you!

1 comment:

Laura said...

GROSSSSS!!!!! How can anyone like those digusting, snarling, hideous little creatures! I think my opossum skin will be remaining where it is - wrapped in a bag, firmly tucked in Aaron's sock drawer!