Saturday, December 04, 2010

Santa Paws is Watching - Better be Good!

1 Cat


1 Christmas Tree




Mari said...

Ha! I just remarked to Bob about the sad state of our tree skirt. It's getting pulled all over because Oliver likes to play with it - and a few ornaments. So far he hasn't attempted to get in the tree though.

~Ginger said...

LOL, our cat use to do that when she was little. Now she is old and just eats the tree and pukes...yuck! She's such a stinker, but we still love her.

Jenna is having a blast with her two. They are good buddies already and love to snuggle together all day(and keep Jenna awake all night).

Cheri said...

Somehow I knew which cat is was right away!

Anonymous said...

haha- i love this :) does she let missy get in ever?

Anonymous said...

opps- the last comment was me :)