Saturday, December 04, 2010

Santa Paws is Watching - Better be Good!

1 Cat


1 Christmas Tree




Mari said...

Ha! I just remarked to Bob about the sad state of our tree skirt. It's getting pulled all over because Oliver likes to play with it - and a few ornaments. So far he hasn't attempted to get in the tree though.

Anonymous said...

LOL, our cat use to do that when she was little. Now she is old and just eats the tree and pukes...yuck! She's such a stinker, but we still love her.

Jenna is having a blast with her two. They are good buddies already and love to snuggle together all day(and keep Jenna awake all night).

Cheri said...

Somehow I knew which cat is was right away!

Anonymous said...

haha- i love this :) does she let missy get in ever?

Anonymous said...

opps- the last comment was me :)