Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's that Time of Year

Today is the day - Shaelyn goes back to school and starts 3rd grade! Summer
went so quickly. As we prayed together this morning, we talked about all the
things that were going to happen during the summer - my surgery, Chelsea going
to Guatemala, Katelyn leaving for India, vacations, etc... Now they have all happened
and here we are - August 31 - beginning of a new school year.
She's ready - new haircut, new clothes and new lunch box. She's excited
about the teacher she got for this year - she's the same teacher Chelsea
had and loved her. Thursdays will be a fun day every week. Her room has a loft
in it and that will be the day that she can use it for reading time. The other
reason I love Thursdays is because it's her microwave day. Her teacher has a
microwave in her room and there are designated days for the kids to use it.
This makes it so much easier to pack lunches - soup, spaghettio's, ravioli,
pizza - ahh, the luxury of a microwave. I think this should be a great year
for her with lots of fun times. Ready or not, here we come!


Cheri said...

Sounds like a very fun year. I would love the microwave day!

Mari said...

She is looking so old! I know she'll have a great year, and I love the microwave idea!

Anonymous said...

awwwww my baby starts 3rd grade!!!! and yay for a new blog post :) keeping me updated on the family!

Anonymous said...

Hope she has a wonderful and fun year. She's as cute as can be!