Monday, May 04, 2009

Shaelyn's Best Cousin!

Shaelyn wrote this little book about her favorite cousin - guess who; Halle.
Here's the cover - My cousin, Halle

Here is what is written on this page.
My cousin is the best all because she gave me LPS (littlest pet shop) all just
because she never played with them!

She wrote this book the week after spending the whole spring break with Halle.
These girls just love each other so much and never seem to fight or get sick
of each other. They have such a special relationship.


Mari said...

That is so cute! She did a good job with the drawing - it looks like them!

Andrew Bruins said...

That is very cute. They are the best of friends.

Cherdecor said...

Shaelyn does well in putting her thoughts down on paper. Her artwork is amazing too! To even think of writing a book at that age, is remarkable.

Bonnie said...

That is adorable !! I was just looking at Shaelyn's best cousin's new room ...

Cheri said...

I just love watching them together. What a special relationship and I hope it always is like that!

Heather's Brain said...

Hi Terri! Long time no see. Just spent the last few HOURS pouring over posts from so long ago. I enjoy your writing and it always seems like I am reading about a long lost friend.

I hope you days are pleasant and bright.
Hugs, Heather's Brain