Thursday, April 02, 2009

Shaelyn's Animal Story

Shaelyn came home with some of her school papers today. She had to write a story. I thought it was pretty cute. Here it is in her words and spelling.

Once there was a cute brown hungrey small monkey. He lived in a pet store. A robirt
came with a key an unlock the cages. Than the animales came rushing out eveywere. Than the robirt got all the animales but the monkey was to fast. Then the robirt ran out the door. But the police was out the doors. Then the robirt had to go to jail.
The police putted the animales back in the cages.

P.S. We're leaving for vacation to Gatlinburg, TN tomorrow with Cheri and her family. I hope to have some great pictures when we return!


Cheri said...

Can't wait!
cute story :)

Mari said...

How cute is that? Have fun - I'll just be here in the snow, working!

Jennifer said...

I love the stories that kids write and seeing how their brains work. Have fun on vacation and make sure you keep Cheri in line.

Bonnie said...

Love it !!! She's a great little story teller ...

Is a robirt a robber or a robot ?