Monday, September 15, 2008

I Hope These are Worth It!

Do you see these shoes? I hope they are worth all their trouble. Shaelyn needed new shoes that she could run good in to play soccer at recess time. Saturday we went out to get some. It took me 4 (!!) different stores to get these. I mean really, how hard should it be to find a pair of decent velcro shoes? I started at Target - they had nothing. So I went to Payless, right next door. They had these and another pair but not in her size. They told me to try by the mall. So, if you remember, it was pouring rain all Saturday - out in the rain we go again. The stores were all crowded because people wanted to get out. I ran into the next Payless - they didn't have the size either. So reluctantly, I head to the mall. It was like the busyness at Christmas. I had to park way in the back - slush through all the puddles again and head into the Payless there. Yes, jackpot - they had these in her size. So she's wearing them today. Imagine how they will look after playing soccer on the wet fields today - Oh, they better be worth it!


Cheri said...

I do believe it because I had the same trouble finding shoes for Halle a couple weeks ago.
We got groceries at Meijers and it was crazy busy there too.

Mari said...

They look great now - hope they stay nice for awhile!

Sheri said...

What is it with us woman and shoes:) ha ha......hope they work well:)

Anonymous said...

Velcro or slip on shoes are all they have here in Japan since it is customary to take your shoes off when you are indoors.

Let me know and I can easily get a pair for you!