Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas parties, haircuts, singing and more...

We decorated our Christmas cookies last Sunday afternoon. Here is the result of some of them. (We only have about 4 left at the time of this post - sadness!)

Some of Shaelyn's Christmas cookies.

Chelsea picked these 3 cookies of hers to spotlight.

Katelyn with 2 of her cookies.

Shaelyn had her Christmas program at church, last week Sunday. She sang in the Cherub Choir. They sang, "Come on Ring those Bells" and "King of Kings" Doesn't she look beautiful?

Katelyn got a haircut last week. Here is how she looked before.

Katelyn after her haircut. Cute - Huh?

Last Friday, we had our family Christmas party with all of my Dad's brothers and sisters. The kids always love this one. Everyone who is 16 or younger gets a gift (brought by their parents) We have a potluck supper. We rent out the schools gym. Can you all imagine about 100 of our relatives together in one building? There's a lot of noise and laughter!


Mari said...

Shaelyn looks really cute in that dress - nice pictures of the party too. I forgot my camera!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I really really love Katelyn's haircut- with the new glasses and haircut she's really looking older.
I have to say she's really starting to look more like you all the time!

LeslieW. said...

You guys are having so much fun! I love the haircut, she looks a tad bit older I think.

Anonymous said...

what?!?! i look like mom!

Jennifer Partin said...

Black is a great color on Shaelyn! (and I am not a fan of black on little children either)

Katelyn's haircut really transforms her look. She looks really pretty. The bob is a classic.

Laura said...

I like Katelyn's haircut - I liked it at the airport too how it was flipped out a little on the ends. It fits her!

Those cookies are beautiful! And Shaelyn does look adorable in her cute little dress!

Dena said...

LOVE the cookies and the hair cut as always the girls looks great and if y'all come two of you can have my room and I will sleep on the couch - Leslie might get jealous so we might have to split up! PLENTY OF ROOM!